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EGO Magazine 2016 - Style Edition

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 13:41

HELLO!  Read on if you want to know a bit more about my interview for EGO Magazine on a beautiful september morning. 

The photoshoot took place at the Aranjuez Botanical House's Art Gallery in San Jose, Costa Rica. It's an AMAZING spot to visit if you ever get the chance. It's a restored house surrounded by plants, almost engulfed by them. Recently painted window frames contrast with the original tired brick walls. In the gallery, contemporary art hangs and a very magical light enters through the patio. For a designer always in search for new inspiration, this place is filled with increadible details. 

Here I met with the photographer and Esther Lev, the magazine's editor, who conducted the interview. Bellow some questions asked that day, you can read the whole version in print. 

- Which memory from your childhood or adolesence defines your creative/artistic nature today?

I remember being in fourth grade, my parents had gone on a trip to Europe and had brought back a crazy set of very thin knee-length socks, the idea was to wear 2 or even 3 socks per leg, at different heights and in different colors. I LOVED them instantly, and decided to wear them on free-dress friday to school. Many of my classmates gave me weird looks, hahahaha, this trend had not, and actually NEVER, made it to Costa Rica. BUT I didn't care. 

Today, I design for that woman, the one who still keeps a piece of her childhood heart and doesn't take life SO seariously, the one who dares to wear something different, the sexy, fun woman, with the self-confidence to be always her true self. 

-Who has influenced your personal style and how does that reflect in your work?

There are always people who influence our lives, but I believe places can also imprint on our identity and help us define ourselves. For me, that city is London, England. I lived there when I was doing my masters degree and found that people there experiment everyday with their wardrobe and dare to create a style of their own. 

One of the most special comments I get form Guayaberi clients, is that our swimsuits (bikinis, monokinis and one-pieces) are really DIFFERENT to what's in the market. I feel Guayaberi carries in its essence a sprinkle of that freedom of expresion found in London. 

More details in the print version of EGO MAgazine - style edition - edition 43 - Oct-Nov 2016. 

Greetings from Costa Rica,


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